Airbrush without the Fuss

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How To: Makeup | March 12, 2015

original_woo-skincare-cosmetics-on-taigan-original-beauty-blenderOne of the first things people ask us when they sit in our chair to have their makeup done is, “Do you use your airbrush on yourself?”  It usually comes as a surprise that I find the airbrush to be clunky, time-consuming and generally not worth the effort for every-day makeup.  There are exceptions, of course–usually photo-shoots or rare occasions when I need absolute perfection and detailed control in my application–but I recommend leaving that to the professionals.  Besides, the benefits of a hand application often outweigh the airbrush process with an equal, if not better result.

There are several ways to apply foundation by hand–each with varying end looks, but my absolute favorite tool of the trade is this amazing latex-free, non-allergenic sponge by “Beauty Blender”.  Don’t be fooled by the knock-offs that have hit the shelves.  Their quality and manufacturing process is NOT the same.  The Beauty Blender allows you to get a seamless, airbrush quality finish without the fuss.

Simply wet your sponge until it expands, then wring it out until it’s damp.  Pour a little foundation on the sponge itself, or with your finger, apply your foundation in warpaint fashion to your cheeks, chin and forehead.  Using a stippling motion, press and roll your foundation into the skin.  Use the pointed tip to apply and blend concealer around the eyes, nose and lips.  Use a finger-tip or brush to conceal problem areas, then gently stipple with your Beauty Blender.  Set with powder and viola!  Your skin looks and feels flawless and natural.

Personally, I wash out my sponge every week with shampoo to keep bacteria from accumulating.  I absolutely love this product and it is a must-have for every beauty aficionado.  For $20, this is a trade secret worth knowing (see Amazon or Sephora for pricing).

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