carousel1I discovered a hidden gem in skincare this year.  As an esthetician, I am reticent to buy into hype or marketing that so often makes exaggerated miracle claims, but this product is absolutely on my list of skincare must-haves.  Rose hip seed oil (RHSO) comes from the seeds of rose bushes, native to the Andes mountains in South America.  When properly procured through cold-pressing, it hydrates, rejuvenates and brings life to the skin.

I particularly love the rose hip infused skincare products by M. Steves!   Check out her one-of-a-kind boutique line of skincare.  As she explains, RHSO is rich in antioxidants including vitamin E, essential fatty acids, vitamin A, and phyto-sterols.  “Omegas 3, 6 and 9 contribute to the highly moisturizing and soothing properties of the oil.  These essential fatty acids are able to penetrate the skin to aid in nourishing the cells and create a non-greasy moisture barrier with a velvety finish.   Nutrients and enzymes that“mop up” free radicals to help prevent and repair damage to the body’s tissue.”  Each of these ingredients are absolutely imperative to any result-oriented beauty routine.

imagesOften times, people get nervous when you advise the use of an oil, no matter how beneficial, to their skincare routine.  Rose hip seed oil is a dry oil, meaning it won’t leave a heavy residue on the skin’s surface.  In my experience, it is quickly absorbs, leaving a youthful glow while nourishing and calming down redness.  After washing my skin, I apply a dime sized amount to my entire face and another similar portion to my arms and chest followed by my makeup application or regular bedtime routine.

I recently began using it on my dry, bumpy arms (Keratosis Pilaris) and in 1 month have seen a 75% healing effect.  Additionally, the sun damage and accompanying redness on my chest has diminished by 90% in just 2 months of use.  In fact, I have completely stopped using my facial moisturizer and replaced it with RHSO.  To back up the anecdotes, a study was conducted on 141 subjects who had substantial scarring and/or very wrinkled skin.  Each participant used a high concentration of rose hip seed oil (26%) added to a cream. The 123 individuals with scarring reported a visible reduction in scarring and greatly improved texture.  I am absolutely experiencing these results for myself and am enjoying a nice youthful glow as well!

Currently, I purchase my RHSO at Sprouts market for $15, but have seen it all over the internet in varying forms and costs.  Be sure find one that is cold-pressed and that isn’t diluted for best results.  I highly recommend M.Steves ultra-nourishing boost.  Give it a try–you won’t be disappointed.

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