Looking to get in shape for your wedding like 90% of brides?  We absolutely LOVE Tanya Trowbridge, owner of Trowfit Health, Fitness and Nutrition here in Phoenix!


Tanya Trowbridge is a retired dentist who has been in healthcare for over 15 years.  After 12 years of practicing family and cosmetic dentistry and running her own private dental practice with the help of her husband, Tanya decided to retire from dentistry to pursue her other passion-helping others in achieving their goals of healthy living and fitness.  Her love for healthy cooking and desire to share her recipes with others resulted in a joint venture (with her husband) of writing and publishing of four “Healthy Living” recipe cookbooks (more health and fitness books to come).

Tanya was first introduced to Beachbody’s P90X when she was experiencing extreme back pain from practicing dentistry. P90X helped strengthen her back and core, which allowed her to continue practicing dentistry for another 7 years. After completing P90X, the Insanity program, Brazil Butt Lift, 21 day Ultimate Reset, Les Mills Combat, etc. and seeing amazing results of weight loss, muscle gain, decrease in body fat percentage and just feeling healthier and more energized, Tatiyana became a great believer in Beachbody programs and products.


Tanya is quick to hone in on what program would help you reach your fitness goals in the shortest amount of time.  Our favorite part is, you don’t have to leave your house to complete an amazing workout that will most of the time, yield far better results.   Plus, her programs are a fraction of the cost of a normal trainer.  FACELABS owner, Ali Satterwhite has personally used Tanya’s products for 2 years and lost 70 lbs of baby weight 3 times (and looks better than before the babies)!

“I love that Tanya is always available via text or email to answer my questions and get to a solution.  I see daily results, plus she is fun to work with!”



Log onto her site at www.trowfit.com or find her business on Facebook under Trowfit Health, Fitness and Nutrition.   We love how quickly she responds!

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