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Spring is in full bloom and brides are coming out of the woodwork searching for the perfect look for their big day!  Next to the dress, your bridal makeup and skincare will be foremost in your mind as you envision and ultimately create your dream wedding day look.  Here are some things to consider prior to finalizing these details.

  1. Is your wedding day look classic, natural, alternative or glamorous?  Make sure your makeup application aligns with your dress and hair.  Ask your makeup artist to do a trial run prior to the wedding day to ensure you are satisfied with the look.  Bring pictures of makeup you like.
  2. Will the wedding be held in the morning, afternoon or evening?  Is it indoors or outdoors?  This will determine the intensity of your makeup since lighting can greatly change your overall appearance.
  3. Your makeup is only as good as your skin!  Be sure to get on a personalized skincare routine 6 week prior to your wedding day.  Drink plenty of water and exercise as much as possible.  See a reputable esthetician for regular facials and effective skincare recommendations – or use our free services.  Ask about chemical peels to freshen the skin.
  4. Look like the best YOU on your wedding day.  Call several makeup artists and choose one who aligns with your vision of beauty.  Ask to see their portfolio and be sure to stay true to your look.  If you are a natural girl, ask for a polished but natural approach to makeup, etc.  This will ensure recognizable pictures your will love for a lifetime.
  5. For a uniform and consistent look, encourage your bridal party to use the same makeup artist.  This eliminates the crazy favorite hot-pink lipstick your maid of honor can’t get enough of.
  6. Relax and trust your artist!  Most likely, they are seasoned professionals.  Kick of your heels and enjoy being pampered with your bridal party.



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