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Nothing is as classically beautiful and outright intimidating to wear as RED lipstick.  Most of us need a primer on how to wear it and what shade to pick before venturing out in public.  One thing is certain:  every shade of red lit up the runways this spring from Burberry to Gaultier.  With perfect skin and little to no makeup, ravishing red lips promised and delivered.  Here are some tips on how to pick and apply your perfect shade!

1.  Less is more.  Let your lips speak and tone down the eyes to the bare minimum.

2.  Keep your hair simple.  Make it about your one key element of interest:  your lips.

3.  Red tends to make teeth appear yellow.  Invest in some Crest White Strips before committing.

4.  Brush your lips with a toothbrush to remove dry or dead skin!  You will need a smooth, soft surface before applying.

5.  Use a lip-liner:  darker shades can make the lips appear smaller.

6.  Choose your shade based on your skin tone.   In general, a blue-based, coral red looks best on those with porcelain and fair skin.  A true red or cranberry red looks best on those with olive or medium skin.  Burgundy or dark brick red looks best on those with darker skin tones.

Recommended Products:

Fair Skin:  Fire Red by Motives Cosmetics

Medium Skin:  Go Red by Motives Cosmetics

Dark Skin:  Venetian Red by Motives Cosmetics



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