By now, you have probably heard the term “peptide” tossed around if you haven’t been hiding under a rock, but you may not be fully aware of their hidden anti-aging power.  Although scientifically proven but not explained, Peptides are a string of amino acids thought to penetrate the epidermis or break down on the skins surface and essentially tell your cells how to function properly.  Diligence in using peptides aimed at rebuilding or synthesizing collagen and elastin can result in decreased skin roughness by 13%, reduced wrinkle volume by 36%, and decreased wrinkle depth by 27% after four months of twice daily applications on the face and neck.  It is important to note that continued use of this type of product is necessary to encourage proper functioning of your skin.  This is a must for anyone concerned with maintaining or achieving their optimum skin function.

*Recommended Product:  Matriskin Collagen MP Serum with Matrixyl (fantastic anti-aging peptide), hyaluronic acid, marine collagen and glycerin. Patented and imported from France.




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